Sustainable production

Sustainability is important to us at Garden Studios and we support and promote the measures recommended by Albert( and B Corp™. Garden Studios have a number of initiatives partners on site to help reduce the environmental impact arising from our own activities and that of our clients and we keep striving to do more.

Becoming More Sustainable

Garden Studios has placed a strong emphasis on sustainability throughout 2022 and 2023. In the beginning of January 2022, we welcomed a Head of Sustainability, dedicated to closely collaborating with our existing staff in assessing all aspects of our operations from a sustainability standpoint.

Our focus has been to establish benchmarks for energy and water consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions. We have also instituted an extensive program of film production material upcycling. We are B Corp™ certified and received Albert Studio Sustainability Certification in 2023. To address our commitment to sustainability, we initiated several impactful initiatives, which you will be able examine in our first Impact Report.

We're honoured to become a part of the B Corp™ community—a growing collective of global businesses committed to making a positive social and environmental impact. The heart of the B Corp™ movement beats for transforming the way businesses operate and are governed, all in pursuit of an economy that's inclusive, fair, and rejuvenating for everyone.

 In our journey towards certification, every facet of our business underwent meticulous assessment, and we earned a score of 88.2 points—surpassing the minimum requirement of 80 points. Our aim is to continually raise the bar, striving not only to meet but to exceed these benchmarks. 

Our progress is ongoing, and we view this accomplishment as an entryway into a community of like-minded and ambitious companies. This new chapter opens up opportunities for us to learn from others and collaborate with fellow businesses that share our values. We're excited about the journey ahead, embracing the challenges and growth that lie on the path to making a positive impact together.  

The Environment

Taking care of the environment and addressing climate change is important to us at Garden Studios. So far, we have focused on our energy supplies, waste management, eliminating single use plastic, establishing a sustainable supplier database, building community programs, calculating our carbon footprint and taking part in the Albert Studio Sustainability program.

There is a lot of work still to be done but we are well on our way.  

We are looking forward to help our clients reach their sustainability goals and are very happy to discuss this further.

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Our People

We have a key focus on education, fostering talent and technology, with the ambition to become London’s home for creative talent in film.

We are invested in our local community and are continuously working on finding new ways to engage, from local staff hires, and suppliers to local artist commissions. We are proud to be an accredited London Living Wage Employer.

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Waste Management

Waste is one of our industry’s biggest challenges and our top sustainability priority is reuse by facilitating donations of our productions’ set material, props and textiles into our local community. We have built an extensive network of organisations interested in these kinds of donations and a system for distribution.

We hope that productions engage with us in this project which not only supports the local community, but also reduces production carbon footprint and skip costs.

We encourage feedback, ideas, and close cooperation in this critical area for our industry.

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