a Certified B Corp™

At Garden Studios, we're honoured to announce that we have achieved B Corp™ Certification. This means we meet high standards for social and environmental impact, stakeholder governance, and transparency. As innovators in the film and TV studio industry, we're proud to be part of the global movement towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

What is B Corp™?

As a B Corp™ we are a business that has gone through a rigorous assessment by B Lab to certify that we work towards certain standards on social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability.

The assessment looks at the company’s impact on its governance, workers, customers, community, and environment.  Our B Corp™ Certification represents more than just a title; it's a commitment to continuous improvement.

Every three years, we will undergo a re-assessment, ensuring we uphold B Lab's evolving standards.

How did Garden Studios score?

We got a total score of 88.2 points, well above the minimum required of 80 points. The median is 50.9.

 There are five areas of assessment where we scored as follows:

 Governance     17.1

 Workers          32.3

 Community     18.8

 Environment   18.1

 Customers       1.6

What did Garden Studios learn or what challenges did you face when going through the assessment?

Starting the B Corp assessment process early on in our existence was hugely helpful in shaping the way our business was set up. Most of our policies, for example, both internal and external, were written with B Corp in mind. The process taught us to start every new initiative with B Corp in mind. Getting it right from the beginning is much easier than changing things half-way through.

Has Garden Studios set any goals or areas for improvement in the future?

Yes, there are plenty! We’re still working on reducing our carbon footprint and are in discussions with our landlords to install solar panels on our roofs. We’re expanding our program of materials upcycling and want to find ways to increase the uptake of that service offer with our productions. We will continue to expand our community programs and get more of our employees involved in our volunteering schemes. Our waste recycling rate should improve and getting everyone to pay attention when they use our bins is an ongoing challenge that we will keep working on. Further improving the sustainability in our supply chain is also one of our top priorities.

Join us in the Movement for Economic Systems Change

Becoming a B Corp™ doesn't mean we're perfect, but it does mean we're committed to progress. We're part of a global community of businesses striving for economic systems change, meeting rising standards forsocial and environmental performance. By choosing Garden Studios as your partner, you can help make a difference in the world of film and TV production.