Waste management

Working Towards a Less Wasteful Future

We are committed to a Zero Waste to Landfill Policy and to minimise waste to energy (incineration) which is typically the waste companies’ preferred solution to non-recyclable waste. Although a superior solution to landfill, incineration raises questions around carbon emissions and toxic fumes. As a result, we have found local waste partners like First Mile and Powerday which seek to minimise this practice and instead find imaginative and efficient solutions to recycling. We hope that productions choose these companies when filming at Garden Studios. Mixed recycling, battery recycling and food recycling bins are located across campus.

Reuse is a core value at Garden Studios and from day one most of our office furniture has been bought second-hand. Our buildings are all retrofitted and some of our internal offices have been built using wood from discarded film sets. Wherever possible, we choose reuse over recycling, and we have established a network of local organisations such as schools, adult education centres, artist communities and charities to whom we channel production donations of set materials, props, textiles, furniture, food etc. We encourage all our productions to donate excess resources through this program.
We are committed to being a Zero Single Use Plastic studio and are working closely with our café to achieve this. Catering often presents challenges when it comes to plastic food containers, and we are working to find solutions to this. To minimise plastic bottle use we have plenty of mains connected water dispensers around campus. We hope that productions support us in our efforts to tackle the waste challenges and encourage feedback, ideas, and close cooperation in this critical area for our industry.

We have identified the following UN Sustainable Development Goals as relevant to our Waste Management Goals and we are committed to working towards them.
Virtual Production set at Garden Studios
Virtual Production set at Garden Studios
Virtual Production set at Garden Studios