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Garden studios has been specifically designed to support the latest production technologies.  We aim to embrace sustainable production through investment in advanced technological infrastructure. Garden Studios is ready to support decades of future innovation. We aspire to be the most talent friendly place to make film and TV. We seek to drive sustainability in every direction. We will focus on diversity and inclusion. We will develop and share our knowledge and understanding of new technologies. We will be a centre for education and talent development. With versatile stage configurations across multiple buildings we can accommodate a variety of production requirements.

IRIS Campus at Garden Studios


IRIS is situated beside the Grand Union Canal, offering a picturesque view of London’s historic waterway. The campus is home to 3 sound stages across 2 private buildings, each with a secure yard large enough to accommodate cars, trucks and other production vehicles.

ORCHID Campus at Garden Studios


Orchid Campus sits just across the road from Iris and is a 2 minute walk from our Virtual Production Studio, providing immediate access to all of our facilities. The site is comprised of 37 offices and 3 production spaces for shoots and workshop use.

Virtual Production Set At Garden Studios

virtual production

Our Stage 4, Virtual Production stage is offered with a Turnkey package which includes dedicated studio space, permanently installed VP LED Volume, software and hardware, camera/lens package and two trained technicians to bring your project to life!

virtual production
Unit 16 at Garden Studios

unit 16

Unit 16 is part of the Townsend campus and sits opposite our virtual production stage. Its main feature is a large, high-spec workshop space; however, Unit 16 also boasts production office space as well as a serviced kitchenette and toilet facilities. Best of all, Unit 16 is twenty yards from the IRIS production stages.

unit 16