Sustainable production

Sustainability is important to us at Garden Studios and we support and promote the measures recommended by Albert( and B Corp™. Garden Studios have a number of partners who help us in our mission to become more sustainable.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, Garden Studios is excited to partner with ReCollective in our efforts to help our clients reduce waste, upcycle production materials and improve their carbon footprint.  ReCollective is a charity which designs and constructs community buildings using upcycled wood and other set material. Their mission also has social impact with a goal of redistributing material wealth to communities that could benefit from it.  Garden Studios has given ReCollective free storage and office space on our campus and we’re committed to making their services a part of our service offering in order to help productions reduce waste, improve their carbon footprint and have a positive social impact. ReCollective also provides carbon savings data as part of their service which will help productions with sustainability certification.

Re-Made in Park Royal

Re-Made in Park Royal is a new material exchange hub, connecting artists and makers with waste and surplus materials from local industries.

Republic of Park Royal

The Republic of Park Royal is a collection of creative studio spaces in Park Royal which uses upcycled materials to build their artists studios. Garden Studios has provided much of the materials for their latest studio space.