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The FUTURE  OF Production

Garden Studios launched in 2021 with our virtual production studio. The studio is 3168sq. ft studio space and has a 12 x 4m LED volume that can extend to an 18 x 4m LED volume and is available with wet hire, green rooms, and parking.

One key differentiator of Garden Studios is that we are non-exclusive, so you can use the equipment you are comfortable with.  Garden Studios have the bonus of traditional sound stages within our campus, and its convenience creates new efficiencies and creative opportunities for clients who embrace virtual production as a tool. We are proud to have delivered over 110 productions, from commercials, games, and music videos to feature films and television series.

The sky is the limit in terms of possibilities -- our team work closely with productions to advise on how to plan for a Virtual production shoot and will be supporting you throughout to ensure your success.

Virtual Production Training

Are you interested to lear more about virtual production? Have a look at the one and three-day courses we are offering at Garden Studios


  • 3186 sq ft specialised virtual production studio with 1905 sq ft prep are, green rooms, kitchen, toilets and office space. Total area 5091 sq. ft.
  • 12m x 4m curved main LED wall , expandable to 18m x 4m with 2.6mm pitch Roe Diamond LED panels
  • 3.6m x 7.2m motorised height and tilt adjustable LED ceiling with Roe Carbon 5 LED panels
  • Brompton LED processors
  • Pomfort Live Grading system option
  • High performance Unreal Engine-based real time rendering system
  • Dedicated Unreal Engine environment editing workstation
  • Mo-Sys "Startracker" camera tracking systems with lens files and encoders for common lenses
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Virtual Production set at Garden Studios
Virtual Production set at Garden Studios
Virtual Production set at Garden Studios