VIrtual Production Courses Start in March 2024

Garden Studios' highly regarded virtual production team, in association with our partners  at MetFilm School, are launching two Virtual Production training courses the first week in March.

Virtual production is a cutting-edge field that combines the power of game engine and real-time visualisation tools with camera tracking, lighting, and creative set design to capture visual effects more efficiently. Applications of VP across advertising, television, film, music video, and interactive gaming have allowed creators to quickly transport sets to different geographies or times of day while maintaining a "real-life" effect in-camera and reducing VFX requirements after production. The Garden Studios training provides a comprehensive and hands-on education in Virtual Production and Unreal Engine, covering everything from the basics of the technology to advanced techniques and best practices. This training will be suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in this exciting and rapidly growing field. Beginners are welcome.

Learn more about the course structure and register today before we sell out.