Virtual Production Course at Garden Studios

On July 22nd - 23rd, MetFilm School, in partnership with Garden Studios, launched a short course called 'Introduction to Virtual Production for Filmmakers'. The first course in Virtual Production in the UK, this workshop gave industry professionals a greater understanding of how the physical and virtual worlds meet in the Virtual Production studio. The course was designed to give filmmakers, directors, producers, cinematographers and art directors from across the industry the tools to translate their projects into the Virtual Production process and developing technology and to communicate confidently with VP technicians. 

The course is taught by course leader Michael McHugh, Senior Post-Production Tutor at MetFilm, and Nick Savy, VFX and Animation Tutor at MetFilm, and features special guest sessions with Matt Grimble and Mark Pilborough-Skinner of Garden Studios and Saul Gittens of Procam Take 2.

Read on below for what some of the course participants had to say about their experience: 

VFX Supervisors and Producers from Hogarth WW

“We’re here at the MetFilm School Virtual Production course from Hogarth to ensure that we’re at the forefront of future production so that we can bring the right solutions to our clients, to not only get the best out of their productions, but also ensure sustainability for the future.”

Moritz, MetFilm Student in the Directing MA

“I think virtual production is really exciting because it will be a very collaborative process and it seems like a lot of the hurdles that were there before are broken down. It’s also something that we can integrate to make filming more accessible for disabled people and having more disabled talent on set. That’s one of the reasons why I really wanted to explore the possibilities of getting people where they usually wouldn’t be able to go.”

Amadou, MetFilm Student in the Directing MA

“What I really loved today in day 2 of the course is the fact that we have endless possibilities with the different assets that we can integrate with the real objects or subjects of our film, which is really quite impressive. As a director, we are really encouraged to cope with change and this is change that is really coming fast towards us so we have to try to get on board.”

Yam, MetFilm Student in the Directing MA 

“I want to implement Virtual Production in my future projects, it looks like the future of the industry. Knowing the technology, which is still in R&D, it’s a good way to adapt and be flexible with the changing nature of filmmaking. It’s a big conversation to have for young filmmakers and I’m really excited about the future for Virtual Production.”

Linda, MetFilm Student in the Producing MA 

“For me, Virtual Production is definitely going to be booming, so I wanted to be on the forefront of learning this amazing new technology.”