Introduction to Virtual Production for Filmmakers

A new short course from Met Film School and Garden Studios.

Thursday 22 July – Friday 23 July, 10am–5pm

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Virtual Production is here to stay and presents a fascinating new opportunity for filmmakers! This course is designed to give you the know-how to communicate confidently with Virtual Production technicians and bring your next story to life with this incredible new technology.

  • What the course covers:
  • Virtual Production pipeline from story, to shoot, to screen
  • Basics of designing virtual spaces in Unreal Engine
  • Key terms & technical foundations
  • How Virtual Production transforms the pre-production and production processes
  • What Virtual Production can (and can’t yet) do
  • Communicating with HODs and the VFX team in a Virtual Production process
  • Best practices in Virtual Production
  • Integrating traditional and virtual creative elements (i.e. lighting, set design)
  • Comparing costs, timelines, and capacities of Virtual
  • Production shoots with those on location, in traditional studios, and with green screen
  • Case studies


  • Provided by: MetFilm School in partnership with Garden Studios
  • Location: Garden Studios, 21 Waxlow Rd, London NW10 7NU
  • Price: 300 *bursaries available