Garden Studios Reflects On A Successful First Year

As we close out the year 2021, we are proud to reflect on successfully completing our first year of operations here at Garden Studios.

It has truly been a time of learning as we have worked to position ourselves within the industry as the most friendly, supportive, and sustainable film studio in London. We have been determined to rise to the challenges we've faced, all while maintaining a positive attitude, energising ourselves with the acknowledgment of our many milestone moments and wonderful community.

This would not have been possible without the efforts of our stellar team both internally and externally: our staff, our investors, our partners, and our clients who have entrusted us to accommodate their treasured projects across film, television, commercials, live events and virtual productions.

Though we are pleased to have become the newest sought-after studio to partner with for top UK-based projects, this has not been the sole extent of our reach. In expanding our campus footprint several times throughout the year and engaging with our Park Royal community, we have been able to contribute to the film industry in ways that align directly with our overall company values. Amidst the work of launching a film studio during a pandemic, we're always thinking about how to engage truthfully with our values and put them first in what we do. Sustainability, community-building, education, knowledge-sharing, diversity & inclusivity, and innovation lead the way at Garden Studios.

Some of our proudest work has come through supporting up-and-coming talent, connecting with the wider industry, and sharing crucial industry knowledge about the new field of Virtual Production. In March 2021, we opened our Virtual Production stage and began welcoming talent and technicians to the space. In the summer, we launched London's first course in Virtual Production in collaboration with MetFilm School and are now partnering with Screenskills to develop more VP training. In September, we welcomed MetFilm School and Mission as our on-site partners in the Technology and Learning Center. In the winter, we announced further partnerships with Mo-Sys and Brompton Tech, leading the way with technical innovation on our Virtual Production stage.

These are just some of the milestones we're proud of this year. Another great event was a spectacular industry showcase for invited audiences from top branded film and corporate agencies "Virtual Production: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask" hosted at Garden Studios in partnership with Quite BrilliantUnreal EngineProcamTake 2 & The Mill. And the hybrid in-person/online event we hosted for London & Partners: The Future of Filmmaking in London: London's Virtual Production Landscape, aimed at content production leaders in the US and Canada. 

One of our primary goals has been to build relationships with our Park Royal neighbours in the community we call home. Having a location-based art installation featured at Garden, courtesy of The Masbro Youth Club in collaboration with artist Hanna Benihoud is an honour, as was being nominated for the West London Business Award for our efforts in sustainable and ethical business practices.

Our hope is to continue in this direction in the new year, connecting further with likeminded people, young and diverse talent, and making room for new experiences including live podcast recordings, educational open days, training days, exhibitions, and independent film productions. With each of our values, there is much more to do and room to grow, and we're looking forward to the journey ahead. Our aim is for Garden Studios to be a creative haven for UK and international talent, where people are inspired to innovate across mediums and offered opportunities to step into the industry and collaborate with an artistic community.

2021 has been a rewarding year that's seen Garden Studios open its doors, expand rapidly, and become a household name in the film industry, all in the space of a few months. We are ready for what 2022 will bring and looking forward to evolving well into the future.