Garden Sponsors Innovation Award at EVCOM London Live and Film Awards

The Innovation Award winners at the London Live & Film Awards

In honour of our sponsorship of the Innovation Award at the London Live and Film Awards today (Thank You to Our Category Sponsors - Evcom), we reflect on Virtual Production as a sustainable and industry-changing innovation.

Garden Studios offers a flexible space for all varieties of TV, film, and commercial productions and has become a creative haven for UK and international talent, providing both personal and collective growth opportunities. Our most unique feature is our Virtual Production Stage with in-house VP technicians on site.

Virtual Production is an innovative production technique within film that has become increasing popular in the past year, more specifically off the back of the pandemic where the industry was met with unprecedented limitations. Virtual Production combines the physical and virtual world, allowing filmmakers to shoot live action footage within a pre-visualised virtual world, using 3D CGI modelling and precision camera tracking to make it all look as real as possible.

In this, not only has Virtual Production helped with the overall filmmaking dynamic, which has made it feasible for scenes and shots to be fashioned with fewer people and in a shorter space of time. But it has allowed the industry to become more sustainable, paving the way for more prudent choices to be made on sets regarding issues such as travel costs and material usage.

The innovation component has allowed for us to move within the times, exhibiting elevation and evolution in film whereas the sustainability component is a method of maintenance and management of resource. Here at garden, we pride ourselves on being an example and a platform for change in the merging of the two. They are part of our core values and our efforts in providing solutions that have long term positive effects on the film industry.