Magnolia Studio

  • The ground floor comprises the original recording studios and multi-purpose spaces used by the previous occupier to hold record stock but now cleared and ready to support various production uses. 

    Space 1 is below the 1st floor offices, has a concrete floor, 4m ceiling height and covers 2300 sq ft. Loading access is available via a roller shutter in the neighbouring space

    Space 2 has a ridged metal clad roof fitted with skylights and with a clear working height of 3.5m. It covers a total area of 1800 sq ft and has direct roller shutter access

    Space 3 is stand-alone with its own roller shutter access and WC facilities. It has a ridged metal clad roof with skylights and a clear working height of 3.5m, covering an area of 1600 sq ft.  

    Audio 1,2 and 3 are isolated floating sound-proofed rooms previously used for record re-mastering of about 230 sq ft each. These have been built to a high standard and are suitable for various audio mixing and dubbing purposes. They are fitted with air conditioning. There are two further adjoining rooms, one fitted with a kitchen of 275 sq ft and the other of 316 sq ft with direct access to a peaceful garden yard which opens out onto the canal side.
  • The first floor comprises a number of recently refurbished separate rooms from 100 sq ft to 350 sq ft.

    These bright and airy rooms have high ceilings, large Crittall type windows and most are fitted with air conditioning.

    There is a small kitchen and separate male and female WC facilities.

    An external staircase leads to a small garden yard with direct access to the canal side. Wi-Fi and wired networks are available throughout.

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