Garden Team Builds An Original Videogame for Global Game Jam

The Garden team recently took part in the Global Game Jam: a gaming event where thousands of people in teams around the world ideate, develop, and launch brand new video games in the space of just 48 hours. The Garden Studios Game Jam team was given the theme "duality," and from this theme they came up with an entirely original game storyline titled "Tower of Hoegh."

We are fortunate to house technical artists, programmers, camera operators, composers, and even actors on site who collaborated over the course of a jam-packed weekend and pulled this together in such a short space of time. Our Virtual Production studio provided the technology to bring the Tower of Hoegh game to life, including 3D digitalization and Mocap, Unreal Engine, Houdini, and lighting and cameras. Some of our staff members were replicated into the characters in the game world, and some lent their voices to the characters, making this truly a team-wide effort.

Inspired by our formidable CEO Thomas Hoegh, the video game follows a kindly dukemagus who rules an island in danger. His efforts to save his people from destruction cause him to be tainted by the evil forces at play, so he locks himself away to protect his subjects from himself. The catch is that the only person who can defeat him is himself - and so he splits himself into two: the good half becoming the main character in the game, and the bad half the one locked in the castle. The game is a quest to save the island and to vanquish evil.

The first version of the game is available for free download at: Tower of Hoegh | Global Game Jam

We hope to complete it within the next year and take it to the next level!